About us

Our company the Pásztor Tamás and Co. Ltd. is dealing with the sale and renovation of veteran cars since 2000. Our first car was a golden colour DS 23, which was renovated through a year of tough work. Since then numerous models passed our hands through the years and we have gained a lot of experience and success in the different fields of car restauration.

Our company has 4 premises and we are capable of doing all the steps of restaurating and bringing a veteran car to new life. Beginning at the purchase and shipping of cars and parts (form abroad too), through the full-scale restauration we are trying to suite our customer’s needs. We have our own trailers, which makes the shipping of the cars much easier.

Our company starting as a private venture is dealing with the maintenace of Citroën cars since1992.

We have joined the car retailer network founded by Citroën Hungária in 1994 at july 1995. This was the time when our service at XVI. district Iskola street was expaned with a new building, in which a car-, chassis-, and a car elecrics-repairing yard was placed letting us to serve our customers at 10 car-fixing units simultaneously together with the old building. In the building a new customer’s area and a showroom was opened too, which had a capacity of 4 cars. In that time we were among the Citroën services having the largest client base in Hungary.

In 1997 we have opened our second premise named Citroën Veresegyház, which was expanded with a service in 1999. Since october 2001 at its original place, but in a brand new building the team of Citroën Veresegyház has started to work with the latest service appliances and computerized tools. Nowadays we are serving our clients as one of the biggest reatilers in the region.

Our constantly developing company has chalked up to numeros successes in the Citroën network, being awarded in 1997, 1998 and 1999 by Citroën Hungária. (being the number one retailer of Citroën in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005)

In 19 november 1999 we hve opened at XV. district Szentmihályi street 152-154. one of the biggest and most equipped Citroën retailer and service centers in Europe. That time the head of the company has also moved to this prestigeous building, and the “Iskola street” has completely been turned into the central Chassis-repair and Loss Adjustment Bureau. Recently we were authorized by the insurance companies to have the individual right of assesment of damages, with which the time needed for repairs has been radically reduced at damaged vehicles.

In 12. december 2001 our company has gained the ISO 2001 quality proof.

The growth of our client basis required, that in the second half of 2003 the new service station on Szentmihályi street has been opened, in which the certification area and 5 new service units were placed. Simultaneously there were developments on the sales side too with a new delivery area, where 4 cars could be delivered to the customers the same time under showroom circumstances.

In december 2005 our venture in the XVII. district has been finished, which became Citroën Pásztor’s third and the biggest retailer premise, serving the demands of the even growing number of clients. With an area of 8.600 m2, 5 storey building has a showroom with a capacity of 18 cars, and a 16 unit service. In the building there is also an 8 unit highly equipped chassis-repair and lost adjustment center, plus an enviroment friendly paint shop using water based materials. Separately on a dedicated storey can be found the parts stockroom having 100 million parts, supplying the parts for small and large business Citroen and Peugeot retailers. Similarly to the new cars the under service and damaged cars are stored in a roofed parking lot having a capacity of 240 cars, so damages could be avoided, including the ones caused by the weather. In the building operates Hungary’s largest car elevator, with which cars could be moved easyly between the storeys.

In february 2006 we got the official Peugeot brand service right on the Pesti street and in Veresegyháza too, so we could provide a full-scale service for cars belonging to both french brands. It is very practical for our clients, that we provide a “fom one house to another” service, which mans that the car to be repaired is shipped to maintenance by us, and the repired car is returned by us too, if the client would like it.

Actually the maintenance of cars at Citroën Pásztor is performed on 46 units. The showrooms at Budapest XV. district (15) and the one at Veresegyháza (6), plus the showroom at XVII. district (18) is together capable of presenting 39 vehicles simultaneously. At our guarded premises we could store 400 new cars.

Our brand services are equipped with the latest service-computers and special tools. Our sales system, logistics and customer support is based on a computerized framework, and we constantly send our collegues to conferences and professional education (constantly in Hungary and France, proofed by diploms) to provide the best service to our clients.

Some companies listed as reference, whom Citroën Pásztor handle the company fleet: Richter Gedeon, Lapker, Lindab, Ricoh Hungary, Strabag, Strong and Unique, Total Hungária, Berlin-Chemie AG., Bunge Rt., Lease Plan, Hírös-Ép, Állami Közútkezelő, Hírker, Inter-System.