Our services

Veteran cars purchase and administration


We can help you to find the model suiting your needs. The import and administration of veteran cars plus the shipping and localization procedures will be done by us instead of ou. We have our own trailers, which enlightens the shipping and moving of the cars.

Parts purchase


Our company is in touch with homeland and abroad retailers, so any kind of parts could be easily purchased through Pásztor Classic.

Main areas:

engine and suspension parts
body elements
original factory tyres
engine lubricants (detailed information here)
accessoires, other parts (e.g.: meter counter)
ingnition switches

With parts purchase please look for our collegue Szabó Krisztián.

Szabó Krisztián
Tel: +36 1 257  7777
E-mail: szabo.krisztian@pasztor-classic.hu

In parts purchase our partner is Anglo Parts Kft.

Tel.: +36 1 257 7777, +36 30 279 000
Email: sales.budapest@angloparts.hu



If necessary, the complete restauration process could be performed at our premises. Beginning at the mechanic and chassis elements, through body paint, textiles in one place at Pásztor Classic!

Preparing for race


Get your veteran car ready for races and tours with the help of Pásztor Classic. Full-scale state recongnision and update, racing parts purchase could be performed at our premises.



Our parking lot with a capacity of 240 cars you could store your car safely in the post-season or restauration period.
Prize: 35.000 Ft + VAT/car

Exams and veteran certificate


We can take the examing and preparation of veteran cars too. Furthermore, at our premises the technical exam, green card, veteran certificate and OT plate administration could be all done also.